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This website is dedicated to help you learn how to make money online for free! Here you will learn everything you need to know on how to get started in your new journey to success. You will learn how to do a market research, how to set up your blog, how to monetize your blog, or website, and how to drive traffic to your new site.

There are many ways which you can make money online, but the quickest way, if you do not have a product of your own, is with affiliate marketing. This is where you promote other people's products and you get paid a referral fee every time someone makes a purchase.

There is lot's to learn...but the key to success is patience and self-discipline. If you got those two things, you have all it takes to make money online and make all your dreams come true.

Dreamweaver is a popular Web Editor that is widely used to design professional looking websites. It is used by professionals as well as by those who have never created a website before.

The program allows you to create one page or multiple page websites by using a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) editor. It allows you to have complete control of the layout, the color scheme and functionality of your website. These are a must-have, as most likely you will need to make changes to your site, as your business grows. Read More on Dreamweaver

A website basically is a collection of files that are stored under one domain name. A domain name is the address or URL of the website. When someone types it into their internet browser address bar, and then hit "enter", it will take them directly to your website.

You can have any kind of information in any kind of media format on your website. This includes text, pictures, audio and video. Each file will have its own web page, and the more files that you have, the larger your website will be. Read More on What is a Website

A mini site is a 1 to 5 page website that focuses specifically on selling only 1 product. The pages on a mini site usually contain the landing page, a page where they make the purchase and a thank you page. They usually do not contain any ads or banners, as the focus is to get the visitor to purchase the product described on the page.

You can however, include an opt in form where they can leave their email address, so that you can continue to market to them.

The Advantages of a Mini Site

Mini sites are one of the most effective ways to make money online. This is due to the fact that you only have 1 targeted page to convince others to buy. When your website is this targeted, it means that your traffic will also be very targeted. The more targeted your traffic is, the more likely they are to buy from you. Large websites often do not get the kind of targeted traffic as mini sites do, simply because the number of webpages which they contain. Read More on The Advantages of Mini Sites

With so many blogging tools that are available today, people are able to make their blogs look like websites. However, there are still a few advantages to setting up a website instead of just a blog. At the same time there are also some disadvantages that you might want to consider before you set up a website.


Websites are great if you have a lot of products to sell. These could be your own products, or they can be products that will be dropshipped when a sale is made. They are also great if you just want to do product reviews for merchants that you are affiliated with. But that is not all, as websites can be used to store any kind of information that you think will benefit others.

Another advantage of having your own website, is that you can set up a blog under the same domain name and website layout. This allows you to put up your products on the main site, but then engage in friendly conversations on the blog. This is a great way to market your products without coming across as marketing. Read More on Advantages and Disadvantages of a Website

Blogs are a great way to make money online. They are quick and easy to set up so that anyone can get started immediately. On top of that they are also free, making them affordable for everyone. There are many great advantages to setting up a blog, but at the same time there are also a few disadvantages that you may want to consider before you set up a blog.

First, let's go into more details about some of the advantages.

Make Money

You can make just as much money with a blog as you can with a website. The amount you make simply depends on how many readers you have, and how much traffic you have coming to your blog.

You can use your blog to write product reviews, or run affiliate ads, as well as other ads. A blog is also a great place to sell ebooks, ecourses and other products including physical products. Read More on Advantages and Disadvantages of Blogging

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make money online. As a matter of fact, if you already have a website or a blog with a significant amount of traffic, you can begin to make money immediately once you put up some affiliate ads.

So What is it?

With affiliate marketing you do not need your own products, as you simply sell other people's products. You can promote any kind of products you like such as clothing, crafts, books, electronics, digital products, subscriptions to magazines, as well as memberships. The trick is to sell products that are related to your website, as this will result in a higher click through rate and more money in your pocket.

All you have to do is set up a website, or a blog, and then sign up for the affiliate programs that you wish to promote. If you already have traffic coming to your website, then you don't have to do anything further, but if it is a new site, then you will have to invest time into promoting it and building back links. Simply put, if you do not have traffic coming to your website, then you will not make money. Read More on What is Affiliate Marketing

A blog is sort of like a website which is usually maintained and updated by 1 or more individuals. Unlike a website, a blog is more personal and friendly, and allows readers to become involved in the discussions.

A blog can be used for many different things. Some like to blog for personal reasons, while others blog to promote their business, and still others make direct money with their blogs. Blogs are cheap and easy to maintain, and with so many blogging platforms such as Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad and more, anyone today can start and maintain their own blog. One who maintains a blog, is called a blogger.

Types of Blogs

There are all kinds of different blogs. Most are contextual, but video blogging is also very popular, as well as photoblogging, podcasting or microblogging. Read More on What is a Blog

Many people who come online to make money want to know what the fastest way is to make it. And I hear many say that there is no fast way to make money online, but I disagree. Perhaps there is no fast way to make real money, but there is a fast way to get some money coming in.

Then there are those who will tell you that the fastest way to make money is with affiliate marketing, and I somewhat agree, because it is one of the fastest ways to make real money. But let's face it, in order to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to have a website or blog with a good amount of traffic coming to your website. And if buying ads is not in your budget, then it could take you well up to 6 months to a year to see some positive results. That to me in a way is not really fast money.

So Then What is the Fastest Way To Make Money Online?

The fastest way to make online is with freelance writing. There are many webmaster who need fresh new content and they are willing to pay you to write for them. So if you possess some basic writing skills you can begin to write for others and get paid within a week or two. Read More On The Fastest Way To Make Money Online

Triond is another great writing platform that will help you to earn a residual income as an online writer. You won't make much in the first couple of months, but as your writing portfolio grows, your earnings will also increase. So the more that you write, the more you will earn over time, as each article will continue to earn money for you as long as you have it published.

So even if you only make a few cents, here and there, overtime the earnings do add up and your time spent into writing your articles will pay off in the long run.

Triond allows you to customize your profile where you can showcase all of your writings, so every time someone comes to see your profile they can immediately see all your content. So naturally the more content you have, the more money you will make.

Additionally you can connect with other contributers and become friends with them, or you can join the forums and connect with others there. Naturally the more you participate in the forums, the more friends you will make, and thus your readership will increase. Read More On How To Make Money With Triond

Associated Content is a great place to make some extra money online just by writing articles and then driving traffic to them. The more you write the more you will make, and overtime as you establish a readership you could make a nice living just by writing for this great writing platform.

If you don't know what to write about, then Associated Content is the place for you, because they have a list of articles which you can write about every day.

If you live in the U.S. you can get paid upfront for some of the articles which you write, but if you live outside of the U.S. you can only get paid for your views. But don't let that discourage you from writing for them because you can still make a fair amount of money.

For every 1000 article views you get, you will get paid a flat fee of $1.50. If you reach a high of 50,000 page views a month you are eligible for a .05 bonus bumping it up to $1.55 per 1000 views. And if you reach 1,000,000 views a month you get paid $2.00 for every 1000 views. So the more you write, the more page views you will get, and the more money you can make. Read More On How To Make Money With Associated Content

Comments are everywhere; on blogs, websites, and social networking sites. But what is the point, why do people take time out of their busy schedule to comment on other people's blogs?

To be honest I did not see the point at first. When I started my first blog several years ago, I had people leaving all kinds of comments, some were great, but others did not make any sense; they were unrelated to my content, which told me that they had never even read my posts. I did not understand why someone would waste their time in this manner.

However, it did not take long for me to figure out why these comments were left. Each and every one of these senseless comments had a link back to their site. They were doing it to get more free traffic and back links to their own websites. Now don't get me wrong, leaving comments is a great way to get more traffic, but that should never be your sole reason for leaving a comment.

Leaving comments on other people's blogs is one of the fastest ways to both build and destroy your credibility online. So think about each comment which you post, and the reasons why you are leaving it. Read More On Leaving Comments

If you are looking for some free traffic and are willing to invest a little of your time, then you owe it to yourself to check out StumbleUpon. This is a social bookmarking site where you can add all your webpages for other users to stumble through.

This website is different than other bookmarking sites because users cannot see what website they will stumble upon next. They simply hit the stumble button, and StumbleUpon takes them to the next website.

If you have a commercial website you cannot add it to StumbleUpon unless you become an advertiser. But if you have a personal website where you are sharing your information freely with the audience you can submit as many sites as you like, as long as you don't submit too many URLs from one domain at once, or, without adding URLs from other domains. How To Use StumbleUpon

Affiliate programs are programs where the merchants are willing to share the profit of each sale which the affiliate refers to them. The merchants will supply you with the ads or links with your unique ID in it, which you can then place on your blog or website to help you to make money.

There are basically three types of affiliate programs which you can join and they are:

Pay Per Click: You get paid every time someone clicks on one of the ads or links on your site, even though they don't buy anything. (There are not too many of these around because people were abusing them.)

Pay Per Lead: You get paid every time someone clicks on one of your ads or links, and signs up for something at the merchant's website. Usually the individual enters their email address, so the merchant can market to them directly.

Pay Per Sale: You get paid every time someone clicks on one of your ads or links and buys something from the merchant's website. How To Sign Up For Affiliate Programs

Many people make an excellent income just by blogging, and then there are those who make very little or next to nothing because they just can't seem to build enough traffic to get a readership going.

If you want to be a successful blogger then there are certain rules which you must follow; some of them are simple, while others may take a little extra effort on your part. So here are the rules: Read More On Blogging Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential in order to be ranked high within the search engines. Not only will it help you to rank high, but your traffic will also increase dramatically from search engines, and from other websites as well. The traffic which you will get from the search engines will be more targeted, thus generating more leads for you. SEO will also help you to beat your competition to the number one spot.

There is on-page optimization, and off-page optimization, and both are important if you want to generate high amounts of traffic.

The on-page optimization focuses on the content which you have on your website. When the search engines crawl your website they look for keywords, and then they will send traffic to match those keywords. So the key is to place relevant keywords throughout your webpage in order for the search engines to rank your website for the keywords which you want to be ranked for.

Now that sounds easy, but there is a system which the search engines follow, and certain keywords are given more emphasis than others, and this is simply because of where they are located on the webpage. The search engines read your website from left to right, top to bottom, and the first keywords they find, will be given the most emphasis. Read More On SEO Basics

Writing your first blog post does not have to be a scary thing; just write from the heart and the rest will follow. But there are a few basic points which you should include in your first post in order to better connect with your readers.

You want to tell the readers a little bit about yourself, your history, and your future goals. You should also give them a clue as to why you are blogging; are you there just to make a few bucks, or, are you passionate about helping others succeed, or do you just want to share your stories for entertainment.

A background story on the topic would prove to your readers that you are passionate about what you are doing, and this will lead to more readers. When telling a story, paint a clear picture in the readers mind by describing the characters, or surroundings. Read More on Writing Your First Blog Post

Getting your own domain name is an important part of establishing your online business. It makes you look professional and helps others to find you better. Having your own domain name is like having your own spot on the internet, and every one who is serious about internet marketing should have their own domain.

You don't need to have your own domain name for every blog that you own, but you should have your own domain for at least the main site within your market, or niche, which will be your main source of income. There are people who own between 500-1000 domains, and they use these domains to link to their main website.

So What Is A Domain Name?

It is basically your online address; just like you have a physical address where you live, you also need an online address so that people can find you better. A domain name looks something like this: "".

You do not have to be a business owner, or have a business licence to get a domain name. All you need is about $10.00, and it is yours for life, provided you renew it each year for the same amount of money. Read More on Getting A Domain Name

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms online. Not only can you set up a blog, but you can also make your blog look like a website by adding more pages.

When setting up a blog with WordPress you have many options: you can choose to have your site hosted for free, and you also get a free sub-domain, or you can get your own domain, and upgrade to a premium account with WordPress. You can also download their software and host it on your own hosting account.

They provide you with step-by-step tutorials on how to download, and then re-upload the software to your hosting account. There is also a forum on WordPress where you can go and ask questions any time you need help with the installation, or you can go there just to chat.

To get started, simply go to and sign up. Pick a URL, name your blog and you are all set to go. Read More on How To Set Up A Blog With WordPress

Blogger is another product of Google, and is an excellent blogging platform for those just starting their first blog, and for those who have been blogging for years. It is user friendly for the beginners, and for the more advanced they have the option to change the CSS, and HTML, to make the look and feel of the blog totally their own.

With Blogger you also have the option to use your own domain, or you can use a free sub-domain which would be "". This really is not bad if you are just starting out, but a shorter domain will make you look more credible. Domains can be purchased at GoDaddy.

To get started with Blogger simply go to and log in with your Gmail account, and let Blogger guide you through the process. It is very straightforward. If you don't know what you want to name your blog yet, or what the URL should be, then you can always go back to it later. Read More on How To Set Up A Blog With Blogger